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Perhaps you've been dreaming of your wedding since you were a child, or maybe you've just recently allowed yourself to dream.  Either way, your wedding is a BIG deal because your love is a big deal.  It’s our mission to celebrate love, in whatever ways feel best for your relationship. 

No matter how simple or elaborate your vision, our goal is to flawlessly execute your plans to bring your dream to fruition, while you relax and enjoy all the magical moments !

Hi there, I'm erin!

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I am the founder of Embrace U, a believer in the power of love, and lifelong chaser of my dreams.  Through the amazing opportunity working as Venue Planner and Coordinator at a stunning mountain venue, I have witnessed countless couples in a state of true bliss as they experience their dream wedding in real life.  I’m now on a mission to inspire couples to consciously plan a wedding that celebrates their unique love story, while daring to enjoy the process. 

But let's go back to the very beginning, because I think that's what makes me different.  When my friends and family members started getting married almost a decade ago, I thoroughly enjoyed helping them plan their wedding and realized I have an uncanny ability to visualize flow and logistics. My background training in art and design helps me take someone’s aesthetic style and run with it.  Years of working in a demanding, stressful industry allows me to calmly and effortlessly manage all the moving parts, proactively prevent problems, and problem-solve on the fly.  It turns out all of my past experiences and natural talents contribute to my success as a wedding planner and coordinator!

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Witnessing pure joy. 
Looking into my sons' eyes as they laugh deeply or watching them "get lost" in play.  Children have an amazing ability to be fully present, and my boys are constantly reminding me of what truly matters most.

No. 1


Spending time in nature.
The feeling of sunshine gently warming my skin and the sound of waves rhythmically crashing on the shore at the beach brings me a peaceful feeling of being at home.  Brilliant blue skies, a crisp breeze, and trees everywhere you look is a close second.

No. 2


There's just something about losing yourself and moving to a great song!  I am committing - right here, right now - to bring more dance into my life again.  

No. 3


Spiritual development. 
I'm curious by nature and love learning about different philosophies and perspectives.  I pick up breadcrumbs as I see them, and I have yet to be disappointed.  My most recent obsession is weaving sacred feminine rituals and ceremonies back into my life.

No. 4

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A few of my favorite things

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I Dream big

My vision is huge, and it’s constantly evolving. Right now, my services include the typical coordination and planning packages. But very soon, I will be offering virtually guided assistant planning services, made up of a robust platform of helpful resources and tools, monthly Q+A calls, and a supportive community, with the goal of making wedding planning easier and much more fun! Sprinkled into the system are little nuggets of “woo-woo” wisdom about casting your life vision, setting and achieving goals, money beliefs and best practices, strengthening your relationship, and more. I want to make a positive impact on people, and my dream is to help design a beautiful wedding, while building the foundation for a wonderful life

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I wouldn’t be where I am today without so many of my big dreams coming true. I married the “nice boy” who had a crush on me in kindergarten, and we are blessed with two amazing kids. When I’m not working on - or at - a beautiful wedding, my sons and I are most likely somewhere in nature, delighting in the miracles all around us. I am lovingly and generously supported by my family and friends. Using the abundance of information available to me now, I strive to be the best version of myself while I co-create a life I truly love.

Kind words from past clients

I don't like to brag,

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One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was hiring Erin as our planner! She instantly felt like my friend, someone I could trust and count on. I loved every step of the wedding journey with her by my side. Planning was fun and easy thanks the her endless support, industry knowledge and encouragement. On top of being an all around incredible human with a heart of gold, she is extremely organized and helped me break down multiple tasks into achievable goals. My husband and I still can't believe how beautiful our wedding day turned out, it was the BEST DAY of our lives and we have Erin to thank for that! So many wedding guests commented on how lovely Erin and her team were, they treated everyone with so much kindness. As a bride, I felt so lucky to have found Erin, she was a dream to work with.

- Rose and Travis

Erin is absolutely phenomenal. Having her as our coordinator was the one of the best decisions we made. She made everything go extremely smoothly from the original planning stages, to the reception before the wedding and, of course, created a perfect wedding day for us. No stress, no hiccups. It was everything we could have wanted and more thanks to Erin!

- Amanda and Jerry

Working with Erin was equivalent to winning a wedding jackpot! Erin instilled such confidence in me that literally every aspect of my wedding was covered and would be exactly what my husband and I imagined. She was beyond patient with my indecisiveness and lack of vision as well as with my overly decisive and picky husband. She was very good at offering suggestions, providing examples and solutions, as well as communicating with vendors to ensure every detail of your wedding is perfect. Erin is extremely personable, professional, and communicates quickly and effectively. I was so at ease leading up to my wedding and that’s all a bride can ask for! Also if you’re lucky enough to see Erin day of your wedding you will never see a warmer or kinder face. She truly helps lighten your load and is genuinely excited to share in your big day.
-Svenja and Chris

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